Fellows Society Alumnus: Jamie Fox

750(w)x600(h), preferred ratio 5:4

Jamie Fox

Hometown: Palm Bay, FL

Fall 2015 - Summer 2020

Currently Resides In: Charlotte, NC

PhD in Financial Mathematics

Adelaide Wilson Fellowship


Current Job/Occupation

I will be working as a quantitative analyst at Wells Fargo in Charlotte, NC starting in June of 2020.


Educational/Professional Background

I completed my B.S. in Mathematics and Physics at Union University in the spring of 2015. I then began graduate school at FSU, where I completed my M.S. in Financial Mathematics in 2017. During my time at FSU, I worked as a TA in math department, where I taught classes such as Linear Algebra, Discrete Math II, Calculus II, and Precalculus. In the summer of 2018, I interned as a financial engineer at Amherst Insight Labs in Austin, TX. The following summer, I interned as a quantitative analyst in the audit department at Wells Fargo in Charlotte, NC.


Experience as A Member of The Fellows Society

I am very thankful for the friendships I made in the Fellows Society, and am grateful for the opportunities I had to meet highly motivated and intelligent people from different academic fields. It was always encouraging to hear how students overcame the roadblocks in their respective areas of research, and motivating to learn about their accomplishments and breakthroughs. I have also greatly benefited from listening to the different perspectives on relevant problems in society during the Fellows Forum, and these perspectives have challenged me to think about these problems in new ways.


Future Plans/Aspirations

I am excited to start my career as a quantitative analyst, and am planning to spend the next couple of years developing that skill set. In the future, I am interested in teaching mathematics.


Advice to Share with Current Fellows

The Fellows Society is a great place to meet people who will broaden your perspectives, and help you think of multiple potential solutions to a given problem. Engaging in discussions with the Fellows Society will challenge your ability to dialogue with people of different academic backgrounds, and is an excellent supplement to the conversations that are made within your given department.

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