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Fellows Spotlight: I Gde Made Indra Sadguna College of Music: Musicology Fulbright DIKTI Grant Indra is an international student, originating from Bali, Indonesia. His studies are fully funded by the Fulbright-DIKTI grant. I am currently a doctoral candidate at FSU’s College of Music in the Musicology area. His dissertation title is The Art of Balinese Kendang: Drumming, Improvisation, Interaction, and Dance Accompaniment in Gamelan Gong Kebyar.  The ethnomusicological literature to date has focused mainly on aspects of Balinese gamelan music that give little if any significant attention to the improvisational dimensions of drumming, with the result that improvisation has been assumed to be at most a relatively minor component of drumming practice. Indra’s work will show that this is not the case, arguing that improvisation is a fundamental and essential component of Balinese drumming. This represents a significant contribution to scholarship in both ethnomusicology and music theory, as it fundamentally reconstitutes analytical approaches to the study of improvisation in Balinese gamelan music, and thereby creates a paradigm shift in gamelan research broadly conceived. While conducting fieldwork, he has been supported by two grants coming from the Summer 2021 Research Award (SRSA) from FSU’s Musicology area and a research travel grant from the American-Indonesian Cultural and Educational Foundation (AICEF).  In addition to focusing on his dissertation, Indra is a professional Balinese musician. He is also the director of FSU’s Gamelan Hanuman Agung (Balinese ensemble). Indra has performed in many cities in Indonesia and abroad, including in the United States, Australia, Japan, Thailand, India, Singapore, Cambodia, and Canada. He has been invited as guest lecturer or artist in residence at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Wake Forest University NC, and Western Washington University. Indra’s other research projects are mostly related to Balinese arts but on other focuses such as in performance, organology, music theory, and gender studies.

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