Fellows Society Current Graduate Fellow: Cassandra Kepple

750(w)x600(h), preferred ratio 5:4

Cassandra Kepple

Hometown: New Kent, Virginia, US

Fall 2019 - present

PhD in Higher Education

Legacy Fellowship


Leadership Positions in The Fellows Society

Co-Coordinator of the Fellows Forum

This year I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Fellows Forum committee. Throughout the year, I helped decide on the Forum's theme, find FSU community members to present, and ensure that the Fellows Forum ran smoothly throughout both days of the program. I believe my experience this year on the Fellows Forum committee as well as previous experiences in student organizations planning large events would put me in a great position to take over as Coordinator of the Fellows Forum. The Fellows Forum enabled me to meet other Fellows as well as make connections across campus that I hope to continue to nurture and expand to our entire Fellows Society community as Coordinator of the Fellows Forum.


Educational/Professional Background

Cassie received her bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Multidisciplinary Studies from West Virginia University in 2017. She then received her master's degree in Higher Education Administration also from West Virginia University in 2019. Throughout her studies, Cassie served as a research assistant in Dr. Cheryl McNeil's Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) lab at WVU, worked as a graduate assistant for the Honors College at WVU, and worked as a neuropsychological technician for the Neuropsychology Group of West Virginia.


Research and Teaching Interests, or Professional Field

Cassie's research interests revolve around programs that higher education institutions provide to promote student success. She is specifically interested in forms of experiential learning such as undergraduate research experiences and internships, and how they enhance the student's college experience and success throughout their education. Cassie's teaching interests focus around seminar courses that focus on application of theory in higher education as well as research courses that focus on dissemination of data.


Experience as A Graduate Student at FSU

Two of the biggest highlights of Cassie's experience as a graduate student at FSU are her two graduate assistantships. Cassie works as a research assistant for Dr. Brad Cox, in which she researches ways in which we can best support college students with autism. Cassie also works for Advising First as a teaching and research assistant, in which she teaches a first-year seminar course for Exploratory majors and researches best advising practices. Cassie has also found that being an active member of the Higher Education Student Association (HESA) here at FSU has helped her to connect to other students in her program while working to support Higher Education student experiences on campus.


Experience as A Member of The Fellows Society

As a member of the Fellows Society, Cassie has dedicated her time to being a part of the Fellows Forum Committee and building relationships with other Fellows Society members. Cassie especially enjoyed being a part of the first Fellowsgiving event, creating a space for interdisciplinary inquiry through the Fellows Forum, and being able to connect with FSU community members while volunteering at the President's tailgate for an FSU football game.


Future Plans/Aspirations

Cassie thoroughly enjoys research and teaching, so she is looking at multiple career options for the future including: becoming a faculty member, working with an institutional research department, and working for an organization that is dedicated to dissemination of research related to higher education.

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