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Fellows Spotlight Dr. Wen-Chi Shie Public Administration and PolicyWen-Chi is an alumna Fellow, originating from Taiwan. Wen-Chi has been an amazingly involved Fellow! She also served as the GA for the Fellows Society GA, and in this role created a new Fellows website and served as the primary point-person for many of the Fellows events. After graduating with her PhD, Wen-Chi was hired as a faculty member at FSU in Interdisciplinary Studies. Wen-Chi says, “I am grateful for the opportunity to be a faculty member to contribute to FSU’s learning environment and students.” Wen-Chi’s current research interests focus on public and nonprofit management, collaborative governance, and social networks (particularly in the context of community partnerships, citizen participation, and workforce development). Her dissertation is a study about the roles, network structure, and evolution of rural community collaborations and their subsequent partnerships and policy networks. Her research and preliminary findings have won honors in two conferences in the field of public administration and nonprofit: American Society for Public Administration Founders’ Fellow and Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Doctoral Fellowship. In future research, she plans to extend her dissertation with a network survey and comparative case studies for use in both academic and practical settings. Wen-Chi appreciates all the valuable opportunities for her to learn interdisciplinary knowledge from other fellows and faculty; to build her confidence and job skills; and to network and collaborate with fellows in interdisciplinary fields.


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