Fellows Society Current Graduate Fellow: Louis Kolling

750(w)x600(h), preferred ratio 5:4

Louis Kolling

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas, USA

Fall 2016 – present

PhD in Molecular Biophysics

NSF GRFP Fellowship

Bryan Robinson Endowment Grant


Educational/Professional Background

I earned a B.A. in Exercise Science in 2014 and a B.G.S. in Chemistry in 2016 from Wichita State University in Wichita, KS. Since 2016 I have been a research assistant at Florida State University.


Research and Teaching Interests, or Professional Field

As one may expect from a budding biophysicist, my research interests are very broad. I currently explore molecular genetics, virology, neurobiology, and chemosensory behavior using a wide variety of experimental techniques.


Experience as A Graduate Student at FSU

There aren't many other places in the world that cultivate the collaborative environment that I've had the pleasure exploring during my time at FSU. My single-greatest highlight as a graduate student has been the evening that my lab-mates and I achieved proof-of-concept for my dissertation project after three long years of experimental progress.


Experience as A Member of The Fellows Society

The Fellows Society has provided an outstanding forum for me to interact with graduate students in markedly different fields. As a physical science major, I am a complete stranger to the experiences of students of literature and history etc. In this manner, the Fellows Society has greatly enriched my worldview and my scientific perspective.


Future Plans/Aspirations

Currently, I plan to join a governmental sector following graduation (DoD, CDC or USDA). As I've usually found to be best, I'll figure out the details as I go.


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