Fellows Society Current Graduate Fellow: Siddhartha Bishnu

750(w)x600(h), preferred ratio 5:4

Siddhartha Bishnu

Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal, India    

Fall 2012 - present

PhD in Computational Science

Graduate Research Assistantship - Los Alamos National Laboratory


Educational/Professional Background

After completing my undergraduate studies in Geology and Geophysics from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, I came to the United States and obtained dual Master of Science degrees in Applied and Computational Mathematics, and Physical Oceanography from Florida State University (FSU). I am now a PhD candidate at FSU's Department of Scientific Computing (DSC) pursuing my research at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).


Research and Teaching Interests, or Professional Field

My research interests include high order numerical methods for spatial and temporal discretization of partial differential equations, parallel computing, dynamical systems, ocean modeling etc.


Experience as A Graduate Student at FSU

During my first few years at FSU, I had taken a number of graduate level courses from the departments of Mathematics, Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, Scientific Computing etc. which has not only enriched my knowledge, but also enabled me to approach a research problem from different directions. My supervisors and committee members have provided me with invaluable advice, guidance, suggestions and constant encouragement at every stage of my research. In my opinion, the interdisciplinary nature of the research carried out by our faculty members has facilitated collaboration among different departments of FSU, as well as between FSU and other prestigious research institutes, which in turn has greatly benefitted graduate students involved in such research, to advance in their careers. When I first got the opportunity to pursue my PhD research at LANL, the faculty and staff members of my department as well as the staff members of the Sponsored Research Administration Division of FSU were immensely helpful in taking care of the paperwork which permitted me to work off-campus at LANL while retaining my status as a graduate research assistant of FSU.


Experience as A Member of The Fellows Society

Before being a member of the FSU Fellows Society, I had relocated to Los Alamos, New Mexico to pursue my doctoral research at LANL. So, I have unfortunately missed all the great events e.g. lectures by eminent personalities, research symposiums, banquet dinners etc. held by the FSU Fellows Society and physically interacting with my 'fellow' friends. But then COVID19 happened and almost everything went virtual. So finally I got the opportunity to virtually attend some of the above-mentioned events and interact with the Fellows Society members over Zoom. It has been a great experience so far getting to know my 'fellow' members and their research, and l am looking forward to attending more events in the future.


Future Plans/Aspirations

I would like to be a computational research scientist in academia, national laboratory or industry.


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